I’ve *really* got to stop having sex dreams about my friends.

The best thing about having a godson is I get to buy all kinds of cute stuff like this! I mean LOOK AT IT

The President of the Cincinnati FoP wants an art exhibit shut down because of this painting lol. Skin like tissue paper

Particle trails!
Painting these is a labour of love for me. It's really soothing. I'll be painting some new ones in the coming weeks if anyone would like to get their hands on an original


Hey so here is a big cool thing, I've decided to finally start trying to do my art professionally. I've really got stuck in with watercolours and I love painting particle trails. I think if I go easy on my hands and try to motivate myself, a couple of paintings a week might be doable.

I remember telling my former mother to fuck off for telling me as a kid to be realistic, it wouldn't happen. It was that big childhood dream and LMFAO SUCK IT BITCH

Today rocks


I don’t know who should be more offended, Mexicans or Indians for putting crispy Carnitas with Tarka Dahl.

Ralph, you chose the wrong mind to manifest into. I barely have a grasp of object permanence

Finally got around to adding the Masto app to my Home Screen, so I might use it for once. Clearly I don’t have object permanence, like a bloody toddler. Anyway, here’s some pictures of the Tool gig I went to on Monday.

Writing an essay (on integrating DBT and 12-step into a combined therapeutic approach for those seeking inpatient substance misuse treatment). Autocorrect changed “develop” into “dewlap” and I instantly thought of @sophia’s rabbit Soup.

A Masto app that doesn’t constantly crash or refuses to let me follow people would be quite nice too.


sparkle sparkle, bitches