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I've set up a shiny new ko-fi, so if you wanna donate you can :-) If you do, I'll sketch you something cute!

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I had a dream that I was looking at a tall spindly man in a suit, starting from his shoes and working my way up to his head that was shrouded in a hood. He turned round and took the hood down and instead of a dude face it was a big pomeranian head staring at me. :doggoblob:

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I guess I should do a little and plug my shop :P

Hello! I'm Brynn and I love to paint traditionally and digitally, I'm quite new and have a lot of learning to do. I've set up a store for my prints, so you can purchase my art to go on stationary, books, clothes or whatever :-) More prints coming soon!

Can I be a hamster so I can carry all my food home from the store in my cheeks? Nature's shopping bags.

SA, trauma stuff plz be careful Show more

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Today I found out quite a few people believe only white people can be gay and I still can't process this without my brain shrivelling

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@FrazzledBrynn there is something called a babble ball that makes continuous noise for cats and dogs to play with.

Our blackbird has so much tea to spill every morning, right on the roof as the other birds gather round like 'Whaaaat? No! Really?'

Sorry to disappoint those who thought it was gonna be about noisy testicals

I wondered, are there balls that make a continuous noise (when they're not being squeezed) so you can play fetch with a blind doggo?

@sophia Hope you're okay, not seen you about in a while <3

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i follow so many gays i forget that straight people exist

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@FrazzledBrynn I imagine someone on TripAdvisor right now searching location with:
Copious fire ✅
Torrential rain✅
Lightning ✅
Half a desert falling from the sky✅
Grenades being thrown✅

Welcome to Manchester, where everything is literally on fire and the sahara is dumping sand on us as thunderstorms hit!

I got declined, but don't know why so don't know what to improve


Last time I looked my friend's baby was, well, a baby. But now they're an actual child omfg how did time slip by so fast

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Sharing this info and a couple of recipes about using acorns as a food source! This content came from the quarterly newsletter my tribe's administration puts out; acorns were, and still are, albeit to a lesser extent, an important staple food of Northern California indigenous peoples, my tribes included!

And a little native language lession! Words for acorns according to my tribes!

Northern Pomo: Bidu
Konkow Maidu: Hä’-hä

Don't mind me, just compulsively refreshing my email inbox an unhealthy amount of times an hour

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