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Handmade Elekk plushie for sale! 

<Opens my trench coat lined with handcrafted warcraft pets> Hello fellow gays, would you be interested in purchasing this adorable Elekk plushie? Made with my own pattern, based off of in-game images to make it as accurate as I can. Email for purchase info, invoices via paypal.

Elekk description in following toot!

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Lewder lewds, amazon wishlist 

Hey so pretty much all of my underwear has holes in and the elastic's coming off. Help an enby out by buying something off of this and I'll post more lewds 😏 <3

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Prints of my art to buy! 

I have a few art prints to shift, £6 each, free postage in UK. The ones listed in this post are A4 matte prints, no frame. Posting more prints in the replies.

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal.

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Want an owl? 

<Opens my trench coat that is entirely lined with birds> hey fellow gays, want an owl? £5.50 each + £3 postage if it's the UK. Perfectly safe to post, and they don't need breathing holes in the package like regular owls.

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal.

owl description in the following toot.

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I cleaned the bathroom, spent a few hours in more pain than usual, then ended up too exhausted from pain to do the shit I wanted to do <grumps>`

Furthermore, most enslaved blacks were not provided any implements with which to comb/part their hair. To further enforce the idea that black people were animals, they were forced to use sheep card brushes which have sharp metal teeth and are typically used for prepping sheared sheep wool for spindling.
See Emma Dabiri's Don't Touch My Hair for more .

slavery, kidnapping conditions 

okay here we go. so historically, dreadlocks are a hairstyle that directly comes from slavery. when my people were taken from our native lands and forced on the ships, they were crammed so tightly, they would often get drenched in each others bodily fluids. that, plus time, and general lack of access to hygiene, matted the hair of the enslaved people and created this "style"

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mutual aid, mentions of houseless, hunger, and mental health struggle 


A Black trans woman is currently experiencing houselessness and hunger, and she’s struggling with her mental health.

Please donate and boost so she can get what she needs.

Her PayPal:

We got a teddy fleece duvet set in a sale and my god, it is glorious. Enveloped in fluff, but not the kinda fluff that gets bits stuck in it like breakfast crumbs. George is gonna lose his fluffy lil shit when he finds it.`

my hair goes from natural curls to frizzy, curl-less and poofy in the matter of hours what the hell do I do with this

rent assistance begpost boost are appreciated $240/$430 

Um hello everyone, I want to start raising money for rent and food (rent due feb 1). I was out of work for a month because of Covid and don’t have any way of paying for it. Since I work a student job, I didn’t receive any help. Anything is appreciated. Thank you
Rent : 335
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Selfies, eye contact, crowdfunding 

Hey. So I talked about this in other instances, but I’m going to be moving to a new place next month. I need help with covering rent and bills while I look for a new job. You can support me directly through Venmo, Paypal or Cashapp.

You can also support my writing through Patreon. I have written some new essays lately and am going to release more.

Venmo: FarahT
Cashapp: $Underwraps77

Thank you for your support. ❤️

Kettle Ghosts 

@sireffe They really appreciate a twice yearly offering of a replacement descaler ball, limescale buildup makes them feel itchy and grumpy. They'll tell you when it needs doing by switching the kettle off as soon as you press the lever, over and over like a battle with a Useless Box. Boiling water makes them squeal in delight, it's like being tickled!

Kettle Ghosts 

Kettles aren't actually made with a mechanical mechanism to automatically switch off as soon as it boils, what the factories actually do is use their kettles as a vessel to bind ghosts to, and the ghost's job is to sit in there and wait for the water to bubble and then switch it off with its ghostly lil hands. Sometimes you'll hear the click of the lever in the middle of the night, when no water is boiling. That's just the ghost fucking with you.

racism, fascism 

From : A meaningful critique on referring to american white supremacists as nazis.

Someone help, how do you get spicy orange food stains out of light clothes`

Just how smelly is Melvin supposed to be, he is a very cheesy boi`

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Black Trans Fundraising, rape, abuse, transphobia, gaslighting, ableism, racism 

We are tired
Fundraising for a Black Trans Autistic friend who is experiencing abuse on many levels and simply needs survival needs covered while they recover from family/roommate/transphobic/racist/ableist abuse and triggers related to being raped by their uncle as a kid.

More here:

Please share @mutualaid please invest in Black Trans LIFE. Hurts to see them hurting.

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