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Fancy a sketch of a cute creature of your choice? Give me a ko-fi donation and I'll get right to it! money goes towards food and meds!

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Lewd, toy wishlist 

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If any of you wanna be friends and we follow each other just gimme a DM or something and I'll send my discord :-) I find it hard to approach people cos I don't want to bother lol, but I'm always wanting to make friendos.

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I made an art alt over here at if you wanna follow that for the digital art stuff. Still gonna be on this account for everything else though :blobby:

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If you're able, consider supporting the lovely @diffractie in her bid to make her first game, or help in her transition!

My new nightly routine is checking the bed for spiders before going to sleep

Hoping the dehumidifier we'll hopefully be able to afford next month helps, our bedroom is the dampest room in the house by far.

How does black mould just keep coming back after regular bleaching, it's only been days and I'm having allergies from sleeping in our bedroom that has it all over the ceiling >.<

How do you wash fluffy jumpers/cardigans without them quickly matting into what looks like a carpet? they're so comfy but yeah, don't like the carpet style it gives me :P

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they have been at the whale skeleton for hours and theyre still there. there are tons of fish and octopuses hanging out. its bringing me to tears its incredible.

Oh wow the moon's so large and orange tonight 🌖


I want grandkids. Not kids, I mean kids that come over for the day and you can shower them in love, but they go home to their parents afterwards because oh god 24/7 sounds terrifying and far too exhausting for my ill ass :P

Hearing the neighbour's kidlet counting: ONE, TWO..... THREE, FOUUUUUR, FIIIIIVE, SEVEN, SIX, EIGHT, NINE.... UH.... SIX, ELEVEN, TWENTY

it's so cute lol

Lewd, disability 

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@citrustwee @Torie okay so in the UK we have a Toad Festival, the youngest of each family must travel to the nearest amphibious place with a lovely woven basket and hunt toads by whatever means they have, whether by hand or crossbow etc. Theyre only allowed to come home when they've collected a toad for each family member. Later, the family as a whole cook the toads up and eat them in a batter that originated from Yorkshire.

Swedes are also rutabaga for anyone confused :P

That time I was nearly banned from a forum as a kid cos I was talking about being excited to carve up swede for halloween instead of pumpkins and people thought I meant the people not the vegetable :blobeyes:

Tfw when both masto and twitter make you feel overwhelmingly anxious so you have to get Tess to take your phone away

Literally a friend who hasn't spoken in like a year turns up and we just hit them with "I'm Brynn now and ___ is Tess and trans, how've you been?"

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