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Brynn has wares if you have coin! I have stickers, scrunchies, pin cushions, art prints, collars and plushies `

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Begpost, had our benefits stripped 

If you could spare some coin, we really need to eat n pay bills, and we've been stripped of our income entirely until we get it reinstated or I manage to get on PIP (disability) or something OR

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Pride cookie stickers! 

Slowly going through my redbubble shop and updating artworks, so here's a revamped selection of Pride stickers! More will be added v soon.

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Lewder lewds, amazon wishlist 

Hey so pretty much all of my underwear has holes in and the elastic's coming off. Help an enby out by buying something off of this and I'll post more lewds 😏 <3

Making the bear I'm sewing together hold its head in its paws like the monster sewist I am`

I needed to loosen up my stiff sewing scissors, so I sprayed coconut leave-in conditioner into the joint and wow that helped`

help a trans poc community member!

This member of the Boston community (name not shared for safety) is one of the most selfless people you could ever meet. We as their friends and community members are raising as much money as possible for them so they can focus on studying for and taking the GED, afford their hormone treatments, pay their rent, and continue their mutual aid efforts.

Okay I really want a thumb tattoo that has little measurements for my stitch lengths whilst I'm hand sewing`


I got Jess a job with me. Which means it pays above minimum wage and isn't delivery!

anyways, she just got the job, so she won't be getting a paycheck before rent is in.

And well, besides me, there's also her spouse London, and their child I love more than anything, Lucille.

If anyone could help them out, that would be amazing

for me, and for her.

Thank you <3

@londonshine for venmo (0309 if prompted)

$glamorshark for cashapp

Every day between 6am and 7am, a bee checks out two of our upstairs windows, and I'm both confused and delighted`

When I wake up I plan to do more art and take a break from the sewing cos I blistered my fingers doing manual stitching :P`

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Woke up but never quite felt awake so I made two scrunchies and half a bear before going back to bed again`

Our D&D group did a fun one-shot today where I played a dwarf grandma who left her pig farm to become a nature paladin

She doesn't have a burning passion to fight for good, she's just in it for the divine job benefits like immunity to rheumatism and other drawbacks of old age

#mastoart #DnD

My computer is bluescreeming every five minutes, my mouse is half broken, my drawing tablet keeps stopping working. This isn't very good when you're making art and making a game to keep going` 😬

Love global warming allowing an invasive spider species to thrive in the north that actually has enough venom to do you some damage`

Misinfo, bread 

When one Baker widows the other, the widowed would bake baguette-me-nots in rememberence

We just had to remove two chonky spiders from the room, my nerves are shot`

My farting face and my 'concentrating on making a crisp, black line' face are basically the same`

I don't know why I did line art for this artwork, my crampy shaky hands are struggling even with a stabiliser :P `

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