Hey, UK peeps! I am selling these cute owls I hand crafted to support me and my partner. They will be £6.50, or two for £10.00, + £3 Postage&Packaging (£9.50, £13.00 total) Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal.

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owl description and details 

Selling a limited quantity of owls, first come first serve! They're roughly 2.5" in height, ear tufts made of acrylic red wool, plastic purple button eyes and golden embroidered beaks. Base is recycled cardboard stitched into fabric rounds, so they stand up. Fabric is probably wax printed cotton (it's old donated fabric so unsure). Woollen string to hang up by. Since the owls are hand made, they will each look a little different. Not suitable for children!

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More types of owls on the way! Here is my first of a new batch. Same prices as above. Roughly 2.5'' in height. Fabric is brushed cotton, dark brown with thin black swirls, and light tan with cream chevrons. Beige synthetic (no idea which) wool tufts, orange cotton embroidery for the beaks and plastic buttons. I recommend reading the third picture's image description lol.

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