Bare in mind this is a UK perspective. I've a lot to say over the idea going around that disabled people can do away with personal cars. First of, yes modified cars are expensive, but there's also ways to acquire via gov schemes like The Motability Scheme. Doubtless things like that will always need more access cos the govs shit. Secondly, public transport in the UK is notoriously awful at being accessible, with trains denying boarding, to platforms only being accessible via stairs. 1/?

Busses routinely never stop to pick up ppl up if they're seen to be in a wheelchair, they literally just drive past the bus stop. Ramps up to trains or busses are often missing. If you're immune compromised, getting stuffed onto a bus isn't exactly great either. Also, what if someone just wants to go to the countryside or whatever and the only way in is via personal transport? Bus stops are often miles away from your intended destination. 2/?

Obviously, public transport needs a massive overhaul and way more accessibility, and there needs to be so much more public transport. But just doing away with cars altogether isn't it and takes away the freedom of disabled people. 3/3

@FrazzledBrynn I don't even try to travel by train anymore. Even when you carefully book for you & you mobility scooter/wheelchair, there is no guarantee you will be able to get to the platform, let alone the train.

Public transport need a massive investment & overhaul, & there also needs to be a change in culture in the way ableds treat disabled people when we try to use public transport. I'm not ' in the way', I'm just a human trying to go about my day like you.

@GwenfarsGarden @FrazzledBrynn I’m so tired of seeing people making pronouncements about disabled people and transport without considering the vast range of disabilities that exist and accommodations that are necessary, or even asking disabled people what they need

@GwenfarsGarden @FrazzledBrynn I find this really depressing. It surely can't be that hard to allow boarding of trains not require a person turn up with a ramp!?

@FrazzledBrynn in my mind disabled people are one of the groups who should have full support to get personal vehicles. I'd like to see car ownership decline and public transport to expand in part so disabled people can have more convenience in driving and mobility.

@FrazzledBrynn I live on the side of a mountain, so let's not forget, buses not following planned routes because the bus driver is tired and almost nobody uses that stop. the inaccessibility of buses for people with physical disabilities, the fact that literally everything here is either up or down the mountain and there's only one train route in the entire area and it goes to Cardiff, and doesn't visit any of the local towns or villages

The idea that public transport can replace private transport is good but the people spouting it seem to have never lived outside of the bloody city
@FrazzledBrynn I mean hell, now that I think about it the one time I used a bus in Cardiff it took an hour to reach a destination that if you walked it was 45m (unfortunately thinking back on it, the last part of the walk was actually inaccessible to motor vehicles because of the barriers present :blobcattilt: )
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