Want an owl? 

<Opens my trench coat that is entirely lined with birds> hey fellow gays, want an owl? £5.50 each + £3 postage if it's the UK. Perfectly safe to post, and they don't need breathing holes in the package like regular owls.

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal.

owl description in the following toot.

Want an owl? 

Plump and roughly 2.5'' in height. Brushed cotton fabric that's chestnut brown with thin black swirls makes up the back and sides of the owl, and light tan with cream chevrons is used for the chest. Long beige synthetic wool tufts surround the large button eyes, and gives it feathery ear-like tufts. You can arrange the wool to give your owl a moustache if you wish, as pictured. They each have a yellow-orange embroidered beak. Prob not suitable for young kids!

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Want an owl? 

@FrazzledBrynn High quality owl! Excellent work! (I do not need an owl, but admire it greatly.)

re Want an owl? 

@FrazzledBrynn omg i love the spiral design on it especially! super cute owls

@bird @FrazzledBrynn

I have a cat. This would last in my house all of 15 minutes. 🎭

Want an owl? 

@FrazzledBrynn I was about to get so mad you were sending *owls* through mail and then I saw the pictures

Want an owl? 

@ljwrites my owls are far superior, they don't hoot you awake in the middle of the night and they don't poop

Want an owl? 

@FrazzledBrynn do they push you to learn new languages though? @ljwrites

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