@FrazzledBrynn a little bit. basically i like the food and i still say "boot" and "jam" and also i have a piece of paper from england that says i belong to them. but it also says im a girl so who's to say whether that piece of paper is a reliable authority on the matter

@julia @FrazzledBrynn i don't know!! i don't know!! it's the reason i keep saying it is i don't know what the other word is!! peopple say it's british to say boot but then when it comes to whatever they say for boot there's nothing. there's just white noise. it's just like "the back" or something. it fills me with fear and confusion and contempt for americans

@myconidiosyncrasy @julia @FrazzledBrynn wait i have an important question. do you have a different word for when the boot is in the front like we have frunk?

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