A general PSA: if you keep wanting to cut off your toxic family, and you're in a position where you're able to: you can, and you should. You are NOT a bad person for doing it, you deserve love and safety.

I did it a few years back and yes it hurt like fuck at first, but the freedom afterwards, improved safety, better mental health and not constantly looking over my shoulder? Worth it a million times over.

@FrazzledBrynn I'm not in touch with my family at all anymore and we were never close to start with but ppl are always so weird about it and no ta i have a new family now

@FrazzledBrynn absolutely. it was the best thing i ever did even tho it’s still a bit fresh for me so sometimes i still feel a certain way. until i hear second hand about the shit they’re posting on fb and i’m like lol nvm

i can find family somewhere else. sick of this idea that the only family we can have is through blood. grow up people

@FrazzledBrynn i have written a post/article about this subject, but it was in hebrew. it was in reference to the galia oz affair. if you haven't heard of it (no reason you should, it was mainly of interest to israelis) i think it might interest you. blessings.

@FrazzledBrynn Hello! This came up in my feed today, though it's from last year.

I'm lucky to have a good family, but I know many folks who broke up with their birth family and are better for it.

But also, I think it's important to say...

You can get a new family, also. You're not stuck with the one you were born into. Friends can become family, and love you as family should, and you can love them! Doesn't have to be romantic love, can be family love.

You can find or make a new family.

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