can we please wildly speculate on the type of porn an MP was watching in the UK

it was literally in the house of commons, not in his home, so other people saw him at it

@FrazzledBrynn everyone is trying to figure out how he got from tractors to porn and by God, someone will do it

@Firesnakious @FrazzledBrynn I keep reading this apology in the voice of Sir Norman Fry and it's making me laugh even harder

@Firesnakious @PublicChaffinch @FrazzledBrynn someone elsewhere suggested he wanted tractorhitches dot com and got tractorbitches instead

@PublicChaffinch @FrazzledBrynn I suspect he was going for Only Farms, but was sabotaged by autocorrect.

@PublicChaffinch @FrazzledBrynn There are literally so many brands of tractors with dirty names, we could be here all day: Bull Power, Cockshutt Plow, Cub Cadet, Mech Bull, Fluid Drag...even Hitachi makes tractors.

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