(CW deer skull painting, no gore tho)

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. ko-fi.com/i/IQ5Q0CJX9T

@FrazzledBrynn is the first one the same as for writeout.ink?

@maloki Nah that ones much different, the writeout.ink isn't the intersex flag, it's a higher render with calligraphy all over it and purple ink splotches :D

@FrazzledBrynn that's true. 😅 I knew that. But my brain still thought they were the same

I guess I simplified it!

@FrazzledBrynn is similar colors, slightly different angle, less detail, but I can see why I thought it was the same.

@maloki I think the intersex one was the first of the set I made after the writeout butterfly, so it makes sense, brain defaulted to the first butterfly pose I drew xD

@FrazzledBrynn btw the aura around them, while it's pretty, fucks with my eyes. 😅 Because I already see auras around everything.. 😭

@FrazzledBrynn it's alright, they aren't necessarily for me. ❤️🙏

@FrazzledBrynn these are like, really neat? I've no idea what to do with them but I absolutely want to use them for something now :)

@FrazzledBrynn @WeirderAdmin can we have these butterflies as emojis please? 👆️ Brynn's made them available in CC0 and there are some more in the replies too and they're cute af :blobaww:

@cadxdr @WeirderAdmin Feel free to copy from my instance :butterfly_lesbian::butterfly_ace::butterfly_bi::butterfly_pan::butterfly_trans::butterfly_nonbinary::butterfly_intersex:

@cadxdr I’m all over any emoji that’s got pink, blue, and white lol

@FrazzledBrynn Just have to compress 'em a tiny bit to fit below 50kb

@vv @FrazzledBrynn *I was just going to say* we need them as emoji! Congrats to everyone on the solarpunk.moe instance 😁 🦋

@FrazzledBrynn fabulous! Butterfly is one of my favourite words, since in every language it sounds totally different, even closely related ones

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