The fedi fascinates me. Like, so many places on it seem to suffer from lack of people and lack of posts, going by how many people I see complain about fedi's emptiness. Over here tho, it's bustling no matter the time of day.

@FrazzledBrynn oh interesting, never encountered that

i guess there's not-very-federated pockets? my timeline moves way fast

@heatherhorns Idk how people find themselves deep in an empty desert, but then I'm lucky in that I just set up in a friend's server who knows their shit ig xD

@FrazzledBrynn it's weird, I feel like people on my server only post when I'm awake

@FrazzledBrynn I guess a lot of it depends on the size of the instance and/or whether you are in a relay. Adding a relay helped a ton.

@FrazzledBrynn (but obviously brings a lot of its own problems with it, like instances that are 99% news bots)

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