I forget other people aren't disabled and are fully functioning cos I'll be reacting in horror and sympathy to their normal day thinking they'd be on the floor in pieces, just completely obliterated from work. But they're like... fine? And then they go to a night club afterwards?? I couldn't imagine, wtf

@FrazzledBrynn when someone tells me they did like 3 things in one day i'm like: wow that's seriously impressive, well done

@FrazzledBrynn I've been beaten over the head with ableism my whole life that though I'm nearly 40, I struggle with referring to myself as disabled despite having enough conditions that legally qualify me for the title.

Often, I'll push myself too hard trying to keep up with those who are perfectly able & then I suffer for it.

It's less of an issue than in the past, but still a challenge. I think toxic masculinity also plays a role in this.

Undoing damage is hard.

Internalised ableism probably 

@FrazzledBrynn I feel this so much, even though I wouldn't be comfortable to refer to myself as disabled, probably rather chronically ill. Not sure if that's because of internalised ableism

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