Follow is a data mining operation that preys on people's desire to help with just about anything in order to feel good but using as little effort as possible

Also if you sign up for petition updates the info goes to the organisation or person running the petition and don't cover it, whoever you're giving it to can use it for anything 🙃

@babe istr there was a thing about how they sell data recently, wrt a pro-Trump campaign?

@en_ligne these types of petition sites hosted some fake inflammatory petitions a while back to get details of potential antifa, but whether change was one of the sites idk

@babe no, this was a legitimate (for what that's worth) petition aimed at right-wingers. possibly y.xl.y-l.nn.n-related now i think about it, but i can't seem to find anything now?

it was being passed around with a request for money to "help spread the word", but the thread went on to discuss how they monetise the data they gather.

[edit: just realised why i wasn't able to find it on birbsite: it was actually in private eye: ]

@en_ligne ahhh yeah I remember that one, didn't realise it was on change. Fucking yikes


That is a brilliant observation--I've signed many petitions without once looking under the hood.

Prompted by your toot, I just looked them up to discover they are not a non-profit, but a for-profit corporation using the .org domain. They have an immense staff. Very disconcerting.

Thanks for waking me up on this! I feel very naive!

@VeeHaamu not only that but if you sign up for updates about a petition your details go to whoever runs it and it can be used for anything


Arrgh! Mind blown, but not in a good way. Grrrr.

@babe @radicalgraffiti what do you think about their high directors moving into government positions?

@babe I believe you bc I've followed you for a while and I trust you but I really feel like if you're gonna make claims like that you need to have receipts. idk if people who follow me would believe it just because I said it.

@gamerswift13 their business model is based around sponsored petitions and access to emails through signatures, most petition sites do the same thing

@babe eally appreciate you taking the time to send those links. will pass them on if anyone asks me. <3

@gamerswift13 no problem. If you look up business model you find a whole world of stuff, it's really quite open about it but with an 'it's ok because we're helping you' attitude

@babe ugh now I need to go through all my services and make sure I revoke privs for change dot org. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

@gamerswift13 It's incredible just how much they weedle their way in. It's really clever and I hate them so much for it. It's preying on kindness to turn people's empathy into a product. 😕

@gergely I'd be interested to see how they describe it

@babe We've actually used that platform to push for an indictment against animal abusers that were "untouchable."

It has some value, the platform, but it seems they do play on people's desire to actualize change with slacktivism.

No doubt they're in it just for the money and data, but they do offer free mass email to everyone who digitally signs.

It's an evil that can be used for good, in my opinion.

@WTFFlorida yeah, I'm aware of the results it's had. That's their justification for running the platform but it doesn't change that data mining and commoditization of empathy is the core of their business model. People are mostly unaware of how their data is being treated by them and it's extremely unethical.

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