Don't do this. If you see it done, untie it. Red alarm cords in disabled toilets and changing rooms must be hanging freely and no more than 10cm off the floor.

If it's tied up like this it can mean people in emergency situations, having had falls, seizures etc, can be delayed in getting assistance.

Having highlighted this a lot before, I've learned these cords make some people nervous, like they'll pull it accidentally or something. If that ever happens don't move it out of the way, just be aware of where the small orange button is in the room. It turns the alarm back off if it's triggered.


If you find you see red emergency cords in disabled toilets/changing tied up or lifted off the floor a lot, you can get sent cards to attach to them to let people know of their importance. They're free in the UK from Euan's Guide. Applying them to cords can help spread awareness and let people get help when they need it.

@babe I feel like a simple explanation of the purpose might be even better

White on bright red, block letters, "IN EVENT OF FALL / (small line) OR OTHER MEDICAL EMERGENCY / PULL FOR HELP" or similar

probably could use extra proofreading / copyediting
The theory of this is that the people tying these up don't know the purpose and aren't trying to be malicious, so a just-in-time explanation means they won't mess it up

@riking Most people, if they fall or found themselves needing help, wouldn't struggle to reach a metre off the ground. It doesn't occur to them when doing things like cleaning or a child reaches for it that putting it out the way may cause an issue for someone less able. If you put a single line purpose for it on there that still wouldn't change, it's hard to imagine the situations of others when so vastly different

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