Have you ever seen what a cloud looks like when you shave it

Not sorry but shaved cloud rabbits will never stop being fucking hilarious. Look at these goofs

Rabbits dressed up in their full cloud costume is also p good shit

@babe pretty sure these are Wallace and Gromit characters

@babe I have aspirations of getting him to that level of floofyness, but it would require daily brushings, which he's not the biggest fan of...

@mattcropp how do you get him on your lap without him killing you, mine are just NOPE

@babe Well, the Angora's easy, but he was well socialized as a small bun around kids who handled him regularly. So he'll sometimes unprompted jump on my chest when I'm lying on the couch to demand nose pets.

The lionhead is less keen on it, as she was adopted from a place where she didn't get much human interaction, but we're gradually trust-building with the strategic use of little pieces of banana chips. :)

@babe One last pic of Coady (the angora) when he was smol and was given a grand piece of kale...

@mattcropp Holy shit it's like he's been attacked by moustaches

@babe When we shear him we make sure to leave the mutton-chops... 🤣

@babe seriously, is this real? The fluffiness is insane!

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