@babe ruthlessly you lasso me with a social contract i cannot break. now that i have seen your post i can either ignore it, refusing your boost but denying i agree with girls; or boost - playing right into your demonic hands and foisting over yet another shard of my free will. well goddamnit maam. i have fallen for your trap - and i choose to boost.

@babe unboosting and reboosting because i can't agree with this enough

I mean it's next level to report an admin of an instance to themselves. I GUESS I BETTER BAN MYSELF NOW. :ddyer: :freaksnut:

@babe damn. all that boots soliciting. see ya babe </3

@babe wait this person repot "boost if you agree" sériously?

@Aelisya I am assuming it's a joke or someone with an alt on counter social haha

@amphetamine but I got reported again by lumb and so now it's cancelled out

@babe I don't get it. What's wrong with that post?

@HernanLG asking people to boost, the worst crime in the existence of crime

@babe So did you actually get some form of sanction, or was it just a warning?

This doesn't make sense btw... in Diaspora*, the other social network I'm in, we make reshare competitions to see how many reshares we can give a single post :P

@babe but is you ban yourself for this horrible breach where will I get my rabbit photos!

@Bonedwarf fake report, I haven't mentioned footwear in a long time

@babe Ayyee we out here. And yes, I've been reported on twice.
Also, someone at mastodon dot cloud really hates boosts because we also had that report come through.

@babe I definitely solicit boots at every opportunity.

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