@babe "Little..." He is as big as you 😂 :bun:

mullet bun, always got that party going on

@babe Cute!

It's funny how the way you film makes it like you're in a special place where there's only you, the rabbit, food and cuteness!

@freyja_wildes this is always the idea, so that background stuff doesn't distract from him 😊

@babe there's still you as a distraction.

But he *is* cute and bring eyes to him

@babe omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg 😭 they're so cute!

@babe good choice on having no sleeves. This guy is too big for sleeves.

@babe you’re a very beautiful girl and your rabbits are super cute. Thus, I love the video. Oh and your tattoos are really interesting


Feed it! A little bit bigger and it'll be ready for the casserole.


@Esfinge "ha ha bunnies are food" hilarious zinger well done

@babe Of course. My grandma (that live with us) cook rabbit at least once per week. It is a very healthy meat.

@Esfinge This is my pet. Talking about eating him is not appropriate.


@babe This is very relaxing, I wanna *be* that rabbit

@babe Oof, you spoil those fluffballs!
... Please continue.

@babe Adorable. So how long do bunnies live? Seeing you with yours makes me want to consider the idea when my cat shuffles off this mortal coil. (She's getting on in years...) Can they be house trained?

@Bonedwarf 12yrs.
However: They shouldn't be kept alone, but in pairs. You can litter train them but be warned they'll eat furniture, carpeting etc. They cost about the same to keep as a dog, need regular vaccinations (rhv is NASTY), and have very specific dietary needs.
I'm very lucky with casserole, he is sometimes social, but be aware what you're seeing is a small clip from nearly an hour with them where most of it he wasn't. Soup almost always grumps about interacting.

@Bonedwarf What you're seeing isn't really a reasonable reflection of most bunny ownership and I'd think very hard before getting one. If I'd been told honestly what they were like as pets I probably wouldn't have.

@Bonedwarf Yeah, not to put too much of a damper on it but they're so often dickheads. Research hard if you find yourself considering it and use a shelter so you can know temperament.
I absolutely adore my buns and wouldn't be without them but they're hard work. Heard the same from many, many other owners.

@babe Interesting. Thanks very much for the information. Sounds like with kids around it wouldn't be a good idea.

@Bonedwarf ah, yeah I'd definitely not recommend them with kids

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