He's started to realise that if there's treats and he stands up on my leg, he gets them

@jwhamilton_ thank you! This top coat is amazing, looks mega fancy

He got a tiny nibble of apple then threw a tantrum when he came back for more and realised he wasn't getting any lmao

Don't be fooled, bunnies are mega dickheads and you probably /don't/ want one beef.nipple.solutions/2018/10/

@babe So what you're saying here is I need to find a close friend that is way more responsible than me that has a cute bunny and will also give me unlimited access to visit said cute bunny whenever I want. Got it.

@Rakou basically yes
They're cute when they're someone else's

@babe totally not the point of the video but hey I love your nails

@babe i put this up on the screen, and after two loops, my resident bune ( @Chel ) went all like "hey, i was watching that" lol, so it continued looping

@scarly @Chel if you'd like any more there's a whole playlist of vids gone up here today from the past 2 weeks beef.nipple.solutions/2018/11/

@babe @Scarly oh my god I am drowning in cuteness thank you so much

@Chel @scarly no problem 😊 it's nice to be able to share them with people!

text about bugs (neither + nor -) Show more

text about bugs (neither + nor -) Show more

@babe A day kicked off with bunny videos can't be a bad one indeed :flan_squee: Thank you!

@babe That's a-dor-da-bul 🐰 πŸ₯• πŸ‡

My wife and me, simultaneously:"Oooowww....soooo cuuute...😍"

Why is the noise of their munching so therapeutic

@babe your buns are just adorable in every way honestly

@babe dunno but combine 2 hours of these and upload it and you'll be rolling in ASMR YouTube dough

@babe Been too long without a pet. I think I need something warm and fluffy in my life.

@babe follow-through is an important part of a bune's self care ritual

@binchicken gotta solidify that affirmation. We could learn a lot from buns

@geordie Thanks! he looks so sad haha, I caught him just before a yawn but missed the actual yawn πŸ™„

@babe you are braver than the troops. Bunnies are rewarding but also arseholes.

@babe these are the best motivational photos I've seen in a while.

Thank you for sharing them.

150 boosts in 24 hours...
Casserole is official the cutest Mastodon user, the rest of us have lost.

@babe I will unboost and reboost 10000000 times what a good bun I am in shock and awe

@Torie it's how he looks so uncertain but dammit he's gonna give self affirmation a damn good try and I can relate to that

@babe i wanna share this every morning. it makes me so happy <3

@babe Yes! It want to run my hand trough his fur <3.

@Vetra he looks really uncertain and upset but dammit he's going to try. V relatable

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