I don't think I've ever been happier with my DSLR than I am today. I've managed to get a few shots I've been wanting for years, and never is Tintern in Wales more beautiful than at the peak of autumn. beef.nipple.solutions/2018/11/

Ken Rockwell's profile advice for the d200 is the dogs bollocks 👌🏻

@babe :blobhearteyes: :blobhearteyes: :blobhearteyes: oh my gosh the light and the shadows and the colors oh my goshhhhhhhhhh these are so beautiful!

@Pixley Bright sunlight AND storm clouds, I saw the weather out the window this morning and rushed over there to get these so damn fast haha. I have been blessed

@babe Absolutely beautiful photos! Absolutely love autumn colors.

@babe have you been to betws y coed? It’s like this but plus mountains in the background

I think this is that /one/ shot I've been wanting most of all, and for so long. Literally top of the list.
The abbey and hill both lit up and with all the umbers, reds, and yellows, the blue sky dotted with clouds. It looks so warm but still grand and imposing.

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual Thank you 😊❤ They're so vibrant! It's been a stunning autumn this year

@babe So nice, these photo makes me want to visit UK. Never been there since so long.

@babe have you been to that bookshop in Tintern? There’s a bit of the shop where you’re only allowed to go in if accompanied by the man who works there cos they’re his favourite books, it’s great

@RyvitaVonTeese yep, I can spend hours in there! Always a great place to go if you're stuck for gift ideas, guaranteed to find something

@babe you should go back with your camera when it gets super cold, it looks so cool when it’s all foggy

@babe  Those are great. Nice dynamic range. The stonework makes me a bit homesick.

@babe Those came out fantastically. Tintern Abby's not too far away from my home town. Lovely autumn colours there.

@ChrisWere thank you. It really is beautiful. Surrounding places like bigsweir etc too

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