I woke up incredibly sad and basically went fuck this I'm going out, despite it being the worst weather I've seen in ages and the whole place being flooded. Finally getting to look at the slr pics and so fucking glad I did.

Please enjoy this picture I have titled A Lot of Trees.jpg
There are in fact a lot of trees in this photo.

I got extremely cold and wet and it was all extremely unpleasant with far too many trees but I have ok pictures so yay me I guess.
I went to that bridge again as well which I actually do kinda love. Alas no pic of the sex bus today but I did see it.

(Selfie/eye contact)

This one is titled 'Moody gate thing with pathway, I guess' because I don't know what it is but it looks all imposing and ~dramatic~ :drake_like:

I swear every viewpoint in this area there's just this one yellow tree this time of year. Miles of forest and just one single yellow tree like some weirdo goes around doing it deliberately

@babe I saw a dark shrouded figure on the horizon and a chill ran through me

@babe No-one's doing it - the tree is just following you around

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