Ever seen what bunnies do when they're mega happy? 🐰😄

@babe that's hilarious :) Do you keep them roaming freely in your home?

@capnemo they're in my living room, a safety gate keeps them shut in but they have free roam for 16 to 18hrs a day, in a double hutch at night

@capnemo some of the most spoiled creatures you could ever come across haha

This is called binkying and popcorning. Peeegs (guinea pigs) do it too, I believe goats and sheep as well

Slightly gross hammo food Show more

Slightly gross hammo food Show more

Slightly gross hammo food Show more

@babe it is! oh my goodness it is the happy goat kick! i knew i recognised that movement!

@babe in my opinion/experience, the only bun behavior better than binkying is when they groom you out of love/respect/concern ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@babe Today I learned that bunnies get the zoomies too.

@sweetmercury Yep 😄
Freaked me the fuck out when I first saw it

@babe tbh, this is the same thing my fat dog does. Maybe he's a bunny in disguise

@ItsJenNotGabby awww, that's sweet 😍
my dog does similar with the zoomies, darting around like he's possessed. No theatrical bouncing or kicking tho, which is a shame. I'd get a stitch from laughing if he did

@babe I just thought when Bunnies were happy they got like @lewdsbian <3

@babe this is the largest popcorn i've ever seen in my life I am cured

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