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My trans situation, donation link 

good hair day selfie, ec 

I've had a terrible last 2 days so please remember the time I dressed up, because I had a good energy

Selfie, boosts and compliments++

i know!! and withdraw isn't a gender? huh. that's chill thanks monarch

Me: *posting a great pun*

*no likes or boosts*

Me: Well clearly there must be a federation issue.

My new hobby? Well, it’s, just being nice

@swampwitch69 i dont need an IED cause this pussy already bomb

kissing with tongues is where you both extend your tongues out of your mouth, and your tongues have tiny lips on them, that you kiss with.

who was it who had a post about sucking a dick and then crushing it against your forehead, i've been thinking about that all day

gross painful lewd weird AND unsanitary 

if unicycles are so great how come theres no bicy... shit. if bicycles are so great why is there no tricyc... fuck

little a salami, as a treat
little a pastrami, can't be beat
little bit o' tuna, from a can
little bit o' you makes me your man

More types of owls on the way! Here is my first of a new batch. Same prices as above. Roughly 2.5'' in height. Fabric is brushed cotton, dark brown with thin black swirls, and light tan with cream chevrons. Beige synthetic (no idea which) wool tufts, orange cotton embroidery for the beaks and plastic buttons. I recommend reading the third picture's image description lol.

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horrible cursed sentence I need to put to paper, sex 

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