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donation link 

Set up a gofundme so we can try and get a wheelchair for Brynn, because the pain is bad and they are way too cooped up now.

(Under my deadname/legal name to be on the safe side.)

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Life, corona, negative, but some optimism 

Things got a little bit tougher, my mum, who we both depend on a lot has had their income reduced further, due to corona stuff.
I did talk to her a lot today, and it's clear now how much she hides and puts a brave face on, doesn't want to bother anyone else with. So, though it's rough, I'm hoping to be able to do stuff to help her now, because there was so much she is so scared and overwhelmed by and just didn't say anything about.

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Help, money ask, love to you all 

So, yeah, check in with people you look up to and seem like they have their shit together, because they might not :P And it seems like sometimes people need more push to open up.

If you want to help us directly, I now have a cashapp:
and my usual paypal

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My trans situation, donation link

Recently, two big things have happened, my health has improved and I had a moment of gender euphoria.
I saw my femmed up face and it felt like *me*. And it's the first time I have ever felt that.

I need HRT, am progressing on getting a clinic referal, but in the UK those can take years. Any money will help me get on HRT sooner, and smooth my transition out.

My dream is to help someone else have this feeling one day.

Condom Advert that says
"It's dangerous to go and bone, take this"

food, controversial 

Poutine is just pizza with chips instead of bread.

It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

Our current playable hamster for our game Hungry Hammos. Cute? Yes. Slightly sinister? Also yes.`

Me: *Sees unopened cw*
Wow, that was awful
*closes cw*

... 1 minute later

*sees same unopened cw*

Ghosts absorb heat and emit Electromagnetic Radiation.

So if we can reliably create ghosts I have a plan to solve our energy needs.

Silly, lewdish, russian history 

Rasputin! Rasputin! Let down your cock!

IDK people being mean or misunderstanding about trauma responses 

It's not sexual, I am the least sexual being when I do it. I just feel small and younger. It's uncontrollable, and I try my best to hide it as much as possible. I have autistic meltdowns, which I'm still grappling with being deeply ashamed of, cos people describe autistic meltdowns as 'tantrums'. I don't know why people see 'adult doing childish things' as 'adult acting like a child for sexual reasons'.

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IDK people being mean or misunderstanding about trauma responses 

Oh how do I explain this without diving into deep explanations about MH? I keep seeing people be really disgusted over queers acting childish or infantile, and how creepy it is. It makes me really uncomfortable because as both autistic and with PTSD, I dissociate and my brain mentally slides backwards in age and time to a younger version. 1/2

If you want people to like the funny thing you said simply screenshot it and post that. It makes it feel more authentic.

The backend for all of that rock music magazine is all closed source.

I guess a rolling stone gathers no foss.

How do you pronounce github


Good to start the day with the "give up" card

if i lived in a little toadstool house in the forest I would greet every guest by saying "welcome to my fungal abode"

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lmao shut the fuck up tess's choices:


sparkle sparkle, bitches