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Life, corona, negative, but some optimism 

Things got a little bit tougher, my mum, who we both depend on a lot has had their income reduced further, due to corona stuff.
I did talk to her a lot today, and it's clear now how much she hides and puts a brave face on, doesn't want to bother anyone else with. So, though it's rough, I'm hoping to be able to do stuff to help her now, because there was so much she is so scared and overwhelmed by and just didn't say anything about.

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Help, money ask, love to you all 

So, yeah, check in with people you look up to and seem like they have their shit together, because they might not :P And it seems like sometimes people need more push to open up.

If you want to help us directly, I now have a cashapp:
and my usual paypal

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My trans situation, donation link

Recently, two big things have happened, my health has improved and I had a moment of gender euphoria.
I saw my femmed up face and it felt like *me*. And it's the first time I have ever felt that.

I need HRT, am progressing on getting a clinic referal, but in the UK those can take years. Any money will help me get on HRT sooner, and smooth my transition out.

My dream is to help someone else have this feeling one day.

very lewd joke 

Feeling very generous, so for the next 24 hours if you deposit cum in my mouth, i'll give you twice as much back!

The only reason no-one is sharing this is because they are in the pockets of big philosophy.

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Maths: Dividing food among the people.

Philosophy: Do we kill 1 person or 5 people.

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360 no scoping a factory.

pwning the means of production.


i drank a whole jar of pickle juice once and got the mega shits so i have to uhhhh. consciously moderate my pickle juice intake lmao

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I'm going to inflate myself and start saying that based on my analysis there should be a giant coin that's worth 1/20th of a pound.

That's right I'm going to be a big shill for big shilling.

also here is a lesbian flag made to be inclusive of black and brown lesbians and i think its really cool looking

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one thing that we lose sight of in the discourse of how terrible men are is that the experience of being a man generally completely fucking sucks. does it excuse the nonstop horrifically bad behavior across the board? no. but i think it can explain some of it

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lewd drawing 

also. i have always provided cursed content, to my friends,

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work, friendships, isolation/loneliness, long boring ramble 

it's so shit how our job-orientated society pretty much necessitates friendships or at least socialising at work. and now, in jobs where people have been fortunate enough to work from home, there is a divide between the positives of saving on commute time and money and avoiding forced interactions with people, and the negatives of isolation and an absence of human interaction. (1/5)

selfies, ec 

letting the sun know i don't approve of its shenanigans

@seafrog @triz And the thing where you pee, then phase out for 20 minutes, phase back in and go "d-did I pee?" and have to check the bowl

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