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Things you only hear in video games: does the troll sweat stack?

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Well, my motto in life is that there are two sides to every Nando's order.

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ever wondered why puckered lips look like a butthole? it's because they are. it's all one long tube in there. lips are just the butthole at the other end

A short snapshot of how my brain works and is terrible:

Hear the name "Libby"
Thought: "Libby la vida loca".
Consquence: Saying things in the rythmn of "Living la vida loca".

You, an idiot: "Any hot chicks in my area?"

Me, an Intellectual: "Any thermically generous females in this locality?

Hamlet: "To be, or not to be"

Intellisense: "Comparision always resolves as true, did you mean something else?"

A bug's life is my favourite film about unionising to overthrow your capitalist overlords, who demand bigger and bigger profits at the expense of those who create them.

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I see now why one of the special infected in left4dead was called the Boomer.

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One big fear I have is attempting to introduce two people to each other, to find they already do know each other and bitterly hate each other.

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I went to a zoo but the only animals they had there was one breed of dog.

It was a shih tzu.

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