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My trans situation, donation link 

"Bugfixes and improvements" is the "Thoughts and prayers" of the app development community.

Don't @ me

things you need to know about the dwarf fortress wiki:

there is an article called Quickstart Guide that is 30 pages long and the first 2 pages are entirely taken up by the table of contents

be decisive. become a cannibal. when u take the "um" out of human u just become ham

today i am mad at gender roles because it turns out that "men's shoes" fit me perfectly, and i have only discovered this in my 27th year of being alive. 27 years of not fitting any fucking shoes, because society dictated that women's feet are, for some reason, all narrow and dainty with no variation on this whatsoever. FUCK gender roles

My aesthetic is: femme af
My gender is: ??? ????¿¿

Mastodon is a good social network bc half the posts written by real breathing human beings read as though they were written by bots


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We regret to inform you that garf is indeed, back on their bullshit.

imo I have v low shagger energy on account of leading a tame life and having a lot of anxiety. I have low to moderate fucker energy on account of being a little bit of a bastard

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