My trans situation, donation link

Recently, two big things have happened, my health has improved and I had a moment of gender euphoria.
I saw my femmed up face and it felt like *me*. And it's the first time I have ever felt that.

I need HRT, am progressing on getting a clinic referal, but in the UK those can take years. Any money will help me get on HRT sooner, and smooth my transition out.

My dream is to help someone else have this feeling one day.

Incredibly grateful for every boost on this, I just wanted to make a little summary post to pin, and the support has been great and really helpful, thank you all, and extra thanks to those who have been able to donate.

<3 <3 <3

Trans stuff update 

Hugely grateful for the donations I have recieved. Can make a good start now, on a complicated road, but one I know will help me be a lot better.

Every boost I've had, I've felt so shy but they've given me a nice fuzzy feeling.

Thanks everyone <3

Trans stuff update 

I would love to personally thank people but I am 99% certain a lot of people's paypal accounts are still in their deadname (including mine :/)

@diffractie so so pleased for you that you're feelin good!!!! you are very beautiful inside & out :')) 💚💚

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