the prevalence of memes about men holding on to a single compliment they received for 5 years has me feeling a certain kind of way

one thing that we lose sight of in the discourse of how terrible men are is that the experience of being a man generally completely fucking sucks. does it excuse the nonstop horrifically bad behavior across the board? no. but i think it can explain some of it


@dankwraith Oh I have so many thoughts on this.kind of thing I have struggled to word correctly. Because any man struggle has usually been weaponised against others rather than a "And it fucking sucks" way.

@dankwraith Like, I feel like the patriachy does view men as disposable. It's kinda warped masculinity into being whatever benefits capitalism. Eg, not showing emotions, don't take paternity leave and just get straight back into work. It's grim.

@diffractie @dankwraith I do wonder how much continuity this has with masculinity being shaped around military practices in pre capitalist eras.

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