Damn, I sometimes forget just how hard In Flames early stuff slaps. I haven't listened to it in so long

This is the first time I've listened to loud music without my earphones in for a very long time too and I'm finding myself bopping and singing along to it so happily in a way I haven't for a long long time. It feels really good

You know that whole feeling like you just have to move along/sing along to something? That

@doot I had the same experience the other day! Felt awesome.

Also yes In Flames early stuff is great! I moved to Gothenburg two years ago and I've been thinking about trying to find the places you can see in some of their early music videos. Only found one spot so far.

@human_equivalent Nice! Sounds like a cool challenge you could set. Like how many can you find in a summer

@doot I kind of want to reenact the Pinball Map video at Korsvägen(?) because it's so silly.


Traffic Cop: do you know how fast you were driving back there?

Me: officer I was listening to Clayman

Traffic Cop: oh shit wtf why weren't you going faster?

@doot Do you enjoy Soilwork as well? They also used to play classic Gothenburg style Death Metal before they set out develop their own style. The first two albums, Steelbath Suicide and The Chainheart Machine, should be way up your alley if you're into early In Flames.

@anarchiv I did used to listen to them from time to time but wasn't hugely *into* them. Steelbath Suicide was one that ended up on a good few playlists

@doot I really enjoy the stuff they made from 2008 on, it's... something different. Good energy.

@anarchiv I've not heard anything later than about 2003 tbh, i'll have to add it to the list!

@doot Oo same here on the haven't-listened-to-it-for-ages! I almost forgot it was in my iTunes library actually. I should remedy that ASAP.

@doot Give „The Halo Effect“ a listen. It’s basically old In Flames, but with Mikael Stanne on growls.

@doot They just released four songs, full album is coming later this year.

@falk Added ready to give a listen after some Tool. Thank you!

@doot Yes! I'm looking forward to the full album and live shows!

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