Why aren't mfa keys a bigger thing. I wanna be able to just do a lil boop on the yubi and be like bam, done. None of this insecure phone number or email bullshit
There's only one site I use regularly that allows me to do the lil yubikey boop and that's a tragedy tbh

That site is stripe, funny what with all the recent chaos, and which is another reason I now love them

@doot Lack of support for FIDO solutions like this is a constant irritation to me as well.

@Fishermansenemy I'm starting to get pissed about it now. The amount of places that still use phone numbers or email only is ridiculous. Auth apps are ok but such a pain in the ass

@doot move your TOTP seeds to yubikey and set a master password on them to increase the pain! :blobfoxsipglare:

@doot I feel the same way, 100%!

I have mine set up for Twitter, Stripe and my home NAS, but that’s it.

When I got it I really expected it to be more of a “thing”, especially with social engineering of SIM cards for text and that email is an unsecured mess.

@doot feels more like the future than getting a text message or an app notification, too

@edstink it's why the lil boop on the key is so satisfying I think

@doot "be like bam, done"

Um, I think you mean "boop, done"!? 😛

Incidentally I've never thought of it as a boop before and now you've mentioned this it's so much cuter! I'm gonna call it the Yubi boop, and boop my Yubi regularly!

@mattcen @doot

agreed. is 100% "boop" and I will forevermore be saying "boop" every time i touch mine.


Agreed about the desire.

I feel like co's like Yubi have done a TERRIBLE job of clearly explaining to non-geeks how this actually makes their life easier.

Separately, I feel like maybe there's something that needs further baking. I use mine for our SSO provider and every few weeks it's like "never seen that key before!" and then later the same day (hopefully) it's like "looks good. carry on."

@doot so frustrating! Or when a site is like "do you want to set up 2FA" and you say yes, their solution is "download our mobile app lol".

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