So uh, this morning took an interesting turn. This little miss flew into a window and decided to use my head as a perch for a bit while recovering [cn eye contact/selfie video]

She's come to and flew off safe and sound!

@doot omg when you said about birds in your hair last night I didn't think it was gonna turn out so literal

@doot You're giving off very calming vibes.
Or have twig-like hair 😃

There was a pair of goldfinches scouting out my nuts earlier. First time I've seen them around the back of my house. Also have two very attentive blackbirds working hard on feeding there young. Constant flow of worms.

@michaelfromuk I always joke about having so much hair there's probably birds in it and here we are

@doot oh no that's adorable! I hope the little friend is gonna be alright!

@doot sorry, you're officially a Disney Princess now.

@GwenfarsGarden It's a female siskin, but they do look very similar with the wing colour!
Yeah, off back out into the garden safe and sound

@doot they do look similar then. We get a lot of goldfinch babies on our feeder; sadly no siskins.

@doot So, your life has taken a turn for the fantastical. As, I suppose, has the bird's. Absolutely magic.

@goodkinghenry Has returned to it, I think! This happened last year too, only the bird wouldn't leave when it recovered, I had to really encourage it lol

@doot Is there a chance this is the same bird? You may have yourself yet another an itinerant woodland friend.

@doot having a bird on my head is already a dream but a siskin? i would cry. i love them!!

@birds I have a love hate relationship with them. They are so beautiful and charismatic. There's up to 20 or 30 in the tree right outside my window sometimes which is amazing but oh dear god that noise, why do they have to make that noise

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