I upgraded the hedgehog house again today. After all, now I've done the floor they should surely have a roof that isn't falling in.

Used some scraps to make a frame and covered it in plastic to keep the water out. Added some better ramps and raised it off the floor a little extra. Replaced the anti-cat partitions I'd just put in with logs, in keeping with the character, because a certain dog can't be trusted not to get stuck...

Then added some log piles, because hedgehogs love that shit. A few decorative stones because everyone loves those. An ornament to make it feel more homely, and a lantern seeing as they go out at night and might find it a bit dark.

They already seem happy enough with the floor, having spent a combined hour in there (a lot for 3 hedgehogs at what is just a feeding station) so hopefully they'll like what I've done with the place 🥺

This is why I either should or should not be left to my own devices, depending on how you look at it

'man I should get some work don... oooh, I could do that'

They should be here soon. One usually arrives before 11:30 and it's 10:15 now

@zenhob fancy dining establishment, this. Gotta go the extra mile

@doot this is so cute and I love it very much ^_^

I wish I had some sculpey or something to make you some garden gnomes for their front garden

@sconlan It seemed only right they get their own little bit to themselves

@doot I am trying to make something similar. But how do you keep cats out…? Mine is mostly used by a cat to take naps when it’s raining…

@douwe Notice those posts inside the doors? Cats can only get in if they have space to pull their body behind them. With either small partitions or posts in the way they can't navigate, they can't twist and pull the rest in at the same time (nor can dogs, mine tried!)

I didn't have any initially and same thing happened, they saw the posts and didn't even bother trying

@doot nice thnx; I will try to add those here! 🦔​

@doot will first have to dig it out as it has become somewhat hidden over time 😀​

@douwe They'll certainly love you for it! In the few weeks we've had ours set up, there's been at least 4 different visitors. One turns up every day like clockwork

@doot nice to hear! I might use the moment when I add the cat barrier to also add a little hedgehog spy cam 😏​

@douwe It certainly helps you find out who's about! I get alerts to my phone with recordings saved for me too. It's really helped me see the differences and even help one that was stuck in plastic.

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