I upgraded the hedgehog house again today. After all, now I've done the floor they should surely have a roof that isn't falling in.

Used some scraps to make a frame and covered it in plastic to keep the water out. Added some better ramps and raised it off the floor a little extra. Replaced the anti-cat partitions I'd just put in with logs, in keeping with the character, because a certain dog can't be trusted not to get stuck...


Then added some log piles, because hedgehogs love that shit. A few decorative stones because everyone loves those. An ornament to make it feel more homely, and a lantern seeing as they go out at night and might find it a bit dark.

They already seem happy enough with the floor, having spent a combined hour in there (a lot for 3 hedgehogs at what is just a feeding station) so hopefully they'll like what I've done with the place 🥺

This is why I either should or should not be left to my own devices, depending on how you look at it

'man I should get some work don... oooh, I could do that'

They should be here soon. One usually arrives before 11:30 and it's 10:15 now

@doot this is so cute and I love it very much ^_^

I wish I had some sculpey or something to make you some garden gnomes for their front garden

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