Doing some art again, pals 😎

My wrist hasn't quite recovered from a recent dislocation but I really wanted to do something


All finished. Did a little much today I think but it was fun to do 🥰

This has netted me my favourite critique to date. "Sunsets don't look like that"

You mean an abstract artist did an unrealistic painting?!

@doot based on the position and color of clouds, the wind would not be going in the direction for that one bird to be approaching a landing from that angle, plus, it appears the weather indicates autumn and that bird is only in the area in the summer.

Also, the sun doesn't set like that!

@doot @danarel I'm not even sure I can tell which way is up, so, not sure what they are on about. It's beautiful.

@doot Ummm this person clearly hasn’t seen the ending of The Matrix Revolutions

@doot He's right. Yours is much prettier than a real one

@doot reminds me of when the fires got close to us a few years ago. I thought the "skies turning red" bit was just a metaphor for bloodshed. I was wrong.

@Nonbinussy I remember seeing photos of what it does to the sky, it really does look damn near biblical 😬

@doot Logging practices have gotten much better over the years, I hope some day we'll be certain that conditions won't become that extreme again.

...but it sure was beautiful. Sitting on the roof, covered in ash. Toasting the apocalypse before anyone had heard of covid. No clue just how bad things would get.

@doot Not all animals have eyes that work like humans'. I'm pretty sure there's some critter who sees sunsets *exactly* like that.


@doot ThAt's NoT wHaT a PaInTiNg LoOkS LiKe!!!

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