The Hoghut is now fully set up in the other garden, after the dog kept getting her head stuck in it. Now complete with new paint job for the fence and their log piles, because hedgehogs love that shit. 🦔

The sign from management is still up because Patrick still hasn't learned his manners.


The neighbours cat kept trying to get in the first night it was moved. The post has been adjusted slightly now so it's not even bothering, but it was funny seeing it try

@doot I don't know why I'm so surprised at how large the cat is compared to the door xD

@FrazzledBrynn it's a very big cat. Always surprises me the size of it compared to all the others

@robert_wolniak if it weren't for the post it could get in there. years ago before it was dealt with it would go in and eat it all 🙄

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