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Yeah, on closer inspection they're the only three on the instance. I've blocked the whole thing now
They're mass following but it appears they've wiped their list. This was the 27th of March. @kellerfuchs

Although I'm not happy with the block evasion, I'm also not prepared to potentially put user data at risk. The behaviour of the accounts is suspicious.

Suspended 3 accounts associated with daffodil-11.org

I don't know whether the purpose is data scraping, federation, or what, but the same person is using multiple "half bot" accounts to mass follow people and keep following under different accounts after they've been blocked.

Undone a bunch of blocks that are defunct/serve no purpose or are better as account suspensions.
Not sure how I missed it, but I've suspended melalandia. Yikes (Slurs)

Instance silenced: cloutfla.re - irony bros and edgelords 

Instance suspended: firedragonstudios - pit of bigots 

Instance suspended: social.quodverum.com - maga asshats 

Instance suspended: bsd.moe - paedophilia and homophobia 

Re: Instance suspended: neckbeard.xyz - homophobia 

Instance suspended: neckbeard.xyz - anime nazi shit, irony bro admin 

Instance suspended: mobile.co - MAGA asshats 

Instance suspended: wagesofsinisdeath - Slurs, edgelord shit, westboro baptist church 

Instance suspended, feminism.lgbt - loli chuds 

Media block: kinky.business (temp) - nsfw content in profiles 

We now have an extended code of conduct! 

@admin Can you please clarify whether you're allowing under 18s to use your site?

Instances silenced: humblr and sinblr. Untagged nsfw content. 

Instance suspended: greenlifeplus.net - data/security concern 

Instance suspension: gameliberty.club (freeze peach/edgelord zone, loli concerns) 

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