Suspended 3 accounts associated with

I don't know whether the purpose is data scraping, federation, or what, but the same person is using multiple "half bot" accounts to mass follow people and keep following under different accounts after they've been blocked.

Although I'm not happy with the block evasion, I'm also not prepared to potentially put user data at risk. The behaviour of the accounts is suspicious.

@gk_admin Were those accounts also on

*blocked the entire domain some time ago.*

Yeah, on closer inspection they're the only three on the instance. I've blocked the whole thing now
They're mass following but it appears they've wiped their list. This was the 27th of March. @kellerfuchs

@gk_admin Yeah, when I engaged with them, after they re-followed me several times, they said something about “the code not being finalized yet” and that they wiped the follow-list.

My reason for blocking was the refusal to consider that, even if a bot isn't the only user of the account, it should still obey #nobot tags and not mass-follow people who explicitely don't want to be automatically followed.

@kellerfuchs Absolutely. The same person following with alternative accounts when one has already been blocked is a red flag too. It's block evading.

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