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πŸ“Œ Introduction 

Hi, I'm a photographer who focuses a lot on birds (mostly waterbirds), self portraits, and forest scenes. I talk politics, disability and mental health sometimes and make bad nerd jokes.

I cw for things related to politics, health (though mostly not my experience with disability), violence, food, drugs, alc, spoilers. I use the sensitive media tag on anything lewd/selfies/violent/common phobias.

If how I post is a problem, I won't be offended if you block/mute me.

Hell yeah for free stuff. Got half of a monster of a eucalyptus tree 😎 someone left it on the side of the road with an ad up saying help yourself. Gods bless having a truck and husband who'll do manual labour on command
A bunch of it will become a chess table and stools, one stump will be a chopping block for wood, and the rest probably decorative and fire wood once it's dry.

Never has an image so beautifully summed up our wonderful instance

Lewd, Mr blobby, oh boy do I have a treat for you all today 

From Zizisloth on twitter

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Hey fediverse has anyone out there got any experience with fires and/or burning? My kitchen is currently engulfed in flames and from everything I've read that's generally a pretty bad thing. I really need some help or advice about this. I've been trying to inhale all the smoke myself to stop it ruining my furniture but there's just too much and it's actually pretty hot.
Boosts would be appreciated, this might be a long shot but I'm sure someone else out there has had this problem too.

Pandemic, meme 

Maybe the most important pandemic info regarding masks

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decimating my own Ass in the marketplace of ideas


Chicken and veg stir fry with jasmine rice, chicken and veg broth, and fruit and yoghurt πŸ‘Œ

Sexual assault, death, positive 

2020 bringing me the good shit :party_parrot:

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Sexual assault, death, positive 

Found out my rapist is dead and went very unpleasantly. I am blessed this day 😎

Important, server admin 

You just lost the game.

The local refuse place is limiting access hugely so everyone has all this wood they want rid of. They keep giving it to me. Fucking SCORE

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Gonna just live by the chimenea for the next month I reckon

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sparkle sparkle, bitches