Encouraged to write poems for a small child. Largely a flop. One success.
I'm not permitted to change the ending, I'm told.

I spied a robin make a tweet
It piped a song that rang with peeps
It chirped and chimed and sang so sweet
A tuneful bob that loves to tweep

It struck a chord and took a cheep
As I watched on while half asleep
The robin pooped and flew away
I hope it doesn't get eaten by next door's cat.

There were also 2 jays that stopped by in the tree. I've never seen them so close

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Oh my god look at all the goldilocks! `
I only usually get two at once. Very rarely four.

This is v cute. Two fancy pigeons having a nice long grooming sesh `

Respect to anyone out there who has ever tried to put a skeleton into a onesie. I see you and feel ur pain

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It reminds me so much of the pigg-o stat, which is a tube they put babies in to xray them, and even several years later I crack the fuck up over it

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