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πŸ“Œ Introduction 

Hi, I'm a photographer who focuses a lot on birds (mostly waterbirds), self portraits, and forest scenes. I talk politics, disability and mental health sometimes and make bad nerd jokes.

I cw for things related to politics, health (though mostly not my experience with disability), violence, food, drugs, alc, spoilers. I use the sensitive media tag on anything lewd/selfies/violent/common phobias.

If how I post is a problem, I won't be offended if you block/mute me.

Hedgedeer and Pingu Claus have been a success, lots of people have stopped by with their kids to see it.

It was a halfhearted effort this year but was definitely worth doing something

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A couple of people have asked for a feed because they/their cats enjoy watching it but unfortunately I've not got the equipment.
I'm uploading 3 videos stitched into a longer one though so you can stick it on repeat I guess 😊 `

And since it seems this is where I'll be filming the birds now I've worked it out, all the tree feeders are in one place. Which will also be significantly easier for cleaning.

My very sophisticated tripod for my phone. A eucalyptus log tied to a scaffolding pole πŸ™ƒ `

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