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πŸ“Œ Introduction 

Hi, I'm a photographer who focuses a lot on birds (mostly waterbirds), self portraits, and forest scenes. I talk politics, disability and mental health sometimes and make bad nerd jokes.

I cw for things related to politics, health (though mostly not my experience with disability), violence, food, drugs, alc, spoilers. I use the sensitive media tag on anything lewd/selfies/violent/common phobias.

If how I post is a problem, I won't be offended if you block/mute me.

This is my life now.
Making bread, doodling on houses, and stealing birds

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Teeny birb came back after a fright and abrupt introduction with a window first thing

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This baby goldcrest has been around a lot lately and landed RIGHT NEXT TO ME earlier. I was putting food out and just froze so I didn't frighten it and it got all chirpy at me like I should fuck off. It flew off since I stayed there and so I left its favourite and just LOOK at how small

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Happy 1st of July America! May the 1st be with you! It's so great that your country gets to have its own birthday

Heck yeah new canvases on the way
Time for some particle trails paintings, baby 😎

Dentistry/ortho, alcohol 

Anyone who says pain from braces isn't that bad is a fucking cunt tbh
I used to go home and get drunk after having fixed braces as an adult, so just sailed through the pain a lot. I've been sober now for years and definitely understanding my reasoning for taking that route. Even morphine isn't cutting it 😩

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