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Hi, I'm a photographer who focuses a lot on birds (mostly waterbirds), self portraits, and forest scenes. I talk politics, disability and mental health sometimes and make bad nerd jokes.

I cw for things related to politics, health (though mostly not my experience with disability), violence, food, drugs, alc, spoilers. I use the sensitive media tag on anything lewd/selfies/violent/common phobias.

If how I post is a problem, I won't be offended if you block/mute me.

Please excuse my absence lately. I have more than a little going on and it's been really difficult 💙

I am extremely impressed with the community and their resilience in using the tag in the face of everything that happens on .

i think the button should say 'piss', and every time you post, the interface would turn slightly more yellow tinted until after a hundred posts or so it would be just a uniform field and you couldn't see anything #mastodev #piss

I think the toot button should be removed and replaced with a button that just posts goatse 69 times to your timeline


Bad night for nightmares but making the most of the day. Bunnies and dogs running about.

I'm looking after my friends dog and she got introduced to the buns. Started off with Soup given her attitude. Jinx tried to chase her so Soup kicked her in the head.More cautious now lmao `

Sat outside with a blanket in front of a roaring fire, crisp air occasionally hitting me with the gentle breeze, with tea bubbling away while I browse twitter and watch Netflix

You can only expect so much ok

Britain today in a nutshell.cancelling TV shows all day, putting his face on billboards everywhere.. People left and right excusing his racism and going apeshit at the mere suggestion of guillotine production

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Anyone who thinks Linux can't be a personality has never met an arch user

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sparkle sparkle, bitches