@iconography Arch Linux is the Self-Isolation way to avoid getting viruses.

@diffractie @iconography if nothing else, in the time it takes for me to re-learn everything, freak out over why stuff i'd taken for granted doesn't work, look up how to do those things all over again, install all the software i need and basically figure out my life from that point onwards, the outbreak might well be on the decline by the time i finish the self-isolation implied by switching distros

@iconography except for the arch bit i said this to a coworker

he's one of the greybeards in r&d so he got a kick out of it


oh god if I could only remember the name of that FOSS virus scanner I could try the double reverse troll and 'splain that you should run it to help your friends that run Windows

@iconography all signs point to year of linux desktop. especially if everyone is quarantined

@iconography that's like the computing equivalent of abstinence only sex ed

@iconography I used to have an antivirus on another linux distro and it never found anything!

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