This is a 39 minute exposure. Bloody nerve wracking setting it and not knowing how it'll come out until morning.

I was so anxious I wouldn't get it as the battery icon was flashing away, it took the whole charge 😩 So pleased with how it worked out though. Now to think of other things

@iconography Have you considered a three month exposure? A friend made these with a shoe box pinhole camera.

@th that's pretty cool but nah, I'm good with just using my camera as is. I think my upper limit would be a few hours

@iconography @th I darkly remember, there used to be a kind of poor being's pinhole thing where you just make a little hole in the protective cap you can screw on your camera when there's no lens attached.

@Xjs @iconography a small piece of foil with a needle poke makes a decent pinhole lens.

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