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If you're wondering what big story this Cummings thing is hiding, look at the science and tech committee investigation into why community testing was stopped in March. Johnson is under pressure to explain from within his party and the testimony is not a good look at all.

Think "OK so yeah we knew it was rampant in the community to the point we couldn't keep up but we're not going to lock down for over a week still and will tell everyone it's nbd" levels of bad.


Ukpol, pandemic 

Remember that stereophonics concert? Yeah, they knew then. When schools were still open the week following it? Yep.

There was a delay in locking things down even after it was announced it would be happening, and it appears the initial decision to lock down was because they realised just how bad it was. In other words they fucked it.

Worse still, the NHS needed additional capacity in part because of decisions made at this time. They sent covid patients back to care homes for it

Ukpol, pandemic 

Mass events at the time are known to have led to clusters which could have been prevented. PPE stocks could have been stretched out longer for procurement to catch up. Deaths could have been prevented.

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