I am not a 'person WITH a disability.' I'm a disabled person. A person who IS DISABLED by society. I cannot separate myself from it, it is a part of me and I'm fine with that.

Disabled is not a bad word. You can keep 'person first' crap

@iconography Thanks for shining some light on that dynamic. I had not consciously thought of it in these terms and it may just help me contextualize my own health issues better.

Also, while scrolling up my timeline, I couldn't help but marvel at all the wonderful stuff you get done in spite of limited movement. <3

@glennseto it ties in a lot with the social model of disability rather than the medical one, which you might be interested in.
The latter suggests you are the one with the problem, your health or ability is the barrier. The social model essentially says your body is fine, it's ok to be sick or disabled, it's not a fault and the world should accommodate you. It's being disabled by society and not *you* being the barrier to access.

Thank you. I do like to tinker and create things 😊

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