Money begging 

Help me buy 6-8 months of full spectrum disinfectant to give out in the sheltered (elderly and disabled) housing where I live, keeping everyone/communal areas safe.

Ideally Amazon GC to pylonfan@sophia .pictures
But is ok

We have people living here in organ failure, in their 90s, heart conditions, dementia, cancer. I've been handing it out since March, as well as spraying the shopping I do for everyone, and it's really helped reduce stress of our residents.


Money begging 

With carers coming and going all the time, people are scared. I'm trying to help and foster community but even with the bits I've saved so far, I can't afford it yet. We're unfortunately running out
I think it helps people to know someone believes their health matters. A few have no one, and we're consistently hearing how we would be an acceptable loss. It's cost me a lot financially and health wise but between doing online shopping and this it's making a difference.

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