Money begging 

Help me buy 6-8 months of full spectrum disinfectant to give out in the sheltered (elderly and disabled) housing where I live, keeping everyone/communal areas safe.

Ideally Amazon GC to pylonfan@sophia .pictures
But is ok

We have people living here in organ failure, in their 90s, heart conditions, dementia, cancer. I've been handing it out since March, as well as spraying the shopping I do for everyone, and it's really helped reduce stress of our residents.


Money begging (goal reached!) 

Thank you so much, we're now totally covered!

@InvaderXan 20 bottles of disinfectant have gone in under a week so I guess I'm making a difference at least a bit

Money begging (goal reached!) 

@iconography do you still want boosts on the original post to get some extra / more of a cushion?

Money begging (goal reached!) 

@k I think we'll be OK for some time now, but thank you. And couldn't be better timed. 20 bottles have already gone in a few days 🙏

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