Not everyone who has an extremely feminine style is a woman.

Not everyone who has an extremely masculine style is a man.

I love wearing dresses, growing my hair really long and flowing, pretty shoes and sandals, sexy underwear, make up. I like having an obvious cleavage, wearing lip plumper and thick layers of mascara. Penhaligans perfume, necklaces, anklets, rings.

I am not a woman.

It's absolutely fine to present yourself however you like, and you should. You don't have to stick to an expected gender presentation.

However you choose to style yourself, it does not invalidate your gender, who you are.

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things Sophia is not:
a woman

things Sophia is:
extremely pretty and handsome
very funny
indispensable to this website

@iconography The angle that I concur with the Looking how you want, but being what You want like you wanna do makeup but don’t wanna be a woman is valid :blobcatsweats:

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