2021 is absolutely going to be the year of the Linux desktop

@iconography at this point I'll be content if 2021 is the year of the Linux stovetop

@iconography does that mean we're gonna be stuck at home again? Can it be the year of Linux on the laptop?

@iconography I fear you are confusing the concepts of operating system and kernel.

@kaiyou @iconography what you are referring to as linux is, infact, gnu+systemd. in this essay I will...

@iconography 2020 was literally the year of the Linux desktop for me. After using Macbook Pros exclusively since ~2004, I switched to a System76 Thelio desktop as my primary computer. I don't see the need for a laptop in the pandemic, I'm not going anywhere, but if I do, I have a Pinebook Pro now.

The year of the Linux desktop may never come, and if it does it will probably be brief, like Firefox's rise and fall. But for me, that possible future is already here. Linux is good enough.

@iconography lol I’ve had a macbook for 7/8 years and I was just looking at a Linux laptop

@iconography critical for me was having a separate machine with a non-4K display just for Linux, a high quality Linux-compatible sound card, and the amazing performance of Clear Linux

@iconography with the work that postmarketOS et al are putting in, it might be the year of the Linux desktop on mobile, actually.

@iconography of course it will, but 2021 will also be the year the gates vaccine microchips leech into our brains and finally install the kind of wetware DRM that the RIAA have always dreamed about.

@iconography Judging from 2020 the “linux desktop” might be the least shitty part of 2021! What a time to be alive!

@iconography I had a dream last night in which Linux became the standard OS everywhere. This might be a sign. 😄

... excuse me, Madame, but do you really wait "community" approve and "trend" imprimatur to chose you own computing platform and SW?
If so, you're a special, unique, and fascinating multinational wet dream.
The 1e10th, to be exact. :0360: :0520:
Peace and love :_gayheart2:

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