Living as a potential collateral damage statistic. What it's like for one person to be living with preexisting conditions in a pandemic.

I am so angry at how this is propagating, and so crushed at what it's doing to me

I guess I just wish I could make these people realise I'm a person too, just like them

@iconography Amen amen amen! Your essay is very well put. I have at-risk people in my life about whom I worry every day, and whom I haven't seen since March.

And frankly, every now and then Covid takes a "not-at-risk" person and chews them up horribly or kills them, so unless we've already been infected and recovered, anyone could very well be at risk and should act accordingly.

@JimG thank you. It's really terrifying just how little consideration there is, like we're abstract concepts. All they have to do is wear a mask and keep a distance, that isn't too much to ask

@iconography :blobcatSadPats: sadly it's a problem that was already there before pandemic, with a lot of people - at least here in France - skeptical of vaccines... it caused a lot of deaths and brought back viruses that should have been eradicated in France :c

@bunni that has been happening here too, it's horrifying. And anti vaccine sentiment is rising

@iconography I know it costs you, your twitter thread is so needed. I'll add something of my own tomorrow. Be kind to yourself.

@gromit thank you. For once I feel grateful it's gone viral, it's making a lot of people feel less alone and helping some put complex feelings into words. That's something I'd struggled to do previously

@iconography Great work. Thank you. I'm glad it's reaching people. <3


i’m sorry you’re having to go through this. i hope things become safer in the next year. 💛

@iconography thank you for putting a lot of our feelings into words. 🙏

@iconography Well written. My partner's also vulnerable and going through some of the same stuff.


> My life is on hold so you can enjoy yours.

I wonder how could people really enjoy a life where we lock away a subset of the population.
It's like the pandemic highlighted that a sizable amount of people around us are psychopaths. Willingly hurting others.

@signaleleven curiously enough I got a response to this calling me a sociopath for believing my life is worth as much as everyone else's. The mental gymnastics is incredible.

I don't think they realise how wide ranging 'underlying conditions' is, either. It's the majority of the population

@iconography that's an answer that a sociopath would not give. Too on the nose.

I keep thinking how you have to isolate from your husband. I'm not an overly social person, but if I had to endure this pandemic alone I would need more strength that I believe I have. My girlfriend works, and has to see patients. In your condition, I'd have to do the same, and it's what resonated with me the most.

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