There's a place in Turkey called the Burj Al Babas and it looks like someone went hog wild with copy and paste on a small castle `

@iconography yeah saw a video the other day on these. Has to have been a scam somewhere because I can't imagine anyone thinking it was a good idea except to maybe be some dodgy taxation thing.

@akira @iconography oh I know the place exists, I was more calling the money involved in it a scam somehow!

@iconography Wow, never heard of it.

Turkey had an enduring corrupt govt backed construction boom and a lot of atrocities were built over more than a decade in the hopes if some dumb uncultured conformist kleptocrat or Middle Eastern oil baron would buy one possibly for a passport in a country where they can legally have fun.

Combine it with totally uncultured entrepreneurs that arise in such a climate and you end up with stuff like this.

Reminds me of sim city 2000 when you stop giving a fuck


- Started in 2014
- Bankruptcy
- Nearly 600 houses (over 730 planned) built but not finished.

Quite crazy…

@iconography Sadly, the developer went bust and none of the "houses" are finished. :(

@iconography "paste"
Dammit, the computer's frozen
*proceeds to press paste 472924 times*

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