Looks like I've lost a friend, though apparently no great loss.
Sat talking in their garden when a neighbour came to chat. He started on a not insignificant quantity of racism.
Just as I was about to say to shut up, my friend actually joined in. I said none of it was ok and left, that hasn't gone over well at all it seems.

"I can have my opinion" yeah and I can believe you're trash for it. You can keep it.


I'm told it's a sensitive topic that's best left alone.

Yes, you're meant to be sensitive to racism. The suggestion of 'it's sensitive' is to imply you're over sensitive, that offence is too much to the topic at hand. Offence is entirely warranted and should indeed be standard.


It's gone as expected. She went round chatting with a bunch of people in the street, she won't even look at me and I'm getting funny looks from others. Even got told I accused her of racism (with the suggestion I was in the wrong. Way to tell me you're racist too I guess).

I didn't. I didn't need to.

I countered each point and if anyone has come to the conclusion the word racism should be applied, welp, she's done that herself.

@iconography it's pretty rough because we live in a world with each other.

even though according to the facts, racists are right on pretty much every point, and there has never been any scientific validity to anti-racist claims, we should still not be racist because we want to live harmoniously.

it's very hard to juggle this. one of the great problems of our time, i'd say. i only hope we are able to keep it together until some sort of genetic engineering happens and we can bridge the gaps between all the various genetic groups on earth.

@iconography indeed, same with other *isms (and my english vocabulary isnt broad enough to consider all the options there) . I'm with you.

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