I'm being sent a whole load of acrylic painting supplies so it looks like there will be a lot more art in my near future 😊
Seasonal trees like the mural and particle trails

The first one is going to be given to the family of a woman who used to go out of her way every day in order to walk past the paintings while taking her dog out, despite there being nicer places to go round here. She passed away recently.


They're really kind people. She was my housing support officer in temporary accommodation when my home was declared a biohazard site. Her son lives right near us and helps us out with the housing association a lot too.

I wish I could have given her something when she was alive, if I'd known she liked them so much.

If you're unaware of what I'm taking about, I painted fairly big murals on the front of a whole bunch of houses in my street for people. It was a way to cheer people up and promote community during lockdown. It worked 😊

Well, until one of them started being super racist and I told them diplomatically to essentially shove it. I got marked as the intolerant one somehow

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