Tories once again using the press to announce to the UK, and wider world, that no one will shag them because they're terrible human beings.

There's not much to like about conservatives, but how often they announce this shit in the nationals is just straight up art

@iconography Terrible human beings with a personality and dress sense not unlike an unpainted concrete wall. :blobglarenervous:

@Jo can't be too harsh on them for that. They've got to put so much focus into discriminating against people it's hard to spare any to think of dress sense

@iconography Also the implication that everyone NEEDS TO GIVE A FUCK THAT THEY'RE UNFUCKABLE ..

@moritzheiber haha I know right
Most of the shares are from people mocking the guy so there's that at least

@iconography "I want someone who is beautiful and will make me laugh" well bub I want someone who won't treat others like shit, so we've all got desires here

@iconography they announce their L's and they announce their L's in the news. thats dedication

@iconography conservatives as usual mistaking the consequences of their actions for oppression

@ljwrites @iconography was hinkin that was a Hitler Youth haircut he was wearin

@iconography there is something kinda hilarious about him picking beauty as one if his two examples of what matters more than someone’s politics

Like I don’t want to date people based on something as *shallow* as political preferences, I want to date them based on literally skin deep judgements!’

@iconography check out my new piece in The Guardian's Opinion section. it's titled "Politically Unfuckable: Why The Queen Needs to Mandate Me a Girlfriend"

@iconography it's absolutely incredible how invested the media class is in articles like this that try to convince you that ones political beliefs are somehow, someway completely separated from what they're like as a person.

@radicalrobit @iconography "anyone who shares my ideology is a deeply repellent ghoul, don't need to think about that any deeper"

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