How have we not moved past the whole 'person with boobs mentions something tech related, I best explain it to them immediately'

Like, as a society I feel like we should be here by now.
There is no excuse anymore.

If I have just explained that I have FIXED A PROBLEM why are you EXPLAINING THAT FUCKING PROBLEM TO ME AND BEING WRONG ABOUT IT i am so tired

My wifi was bad, so I installed a mesh extender. I am told this was wrong. It wasn't. I can now get online out in the woods. It's great.
My router is broken so I made my isp send me a new one for free since they're a pita to switch out and have no bridge mode to bypass it. I am told this is wrong. It isn't.

"but what about" no
"or" no
"you should try" I know more than you

And now I start giving open thought to switching to a vpn outside of 14 eyes jurisdiction given increasing authoritarianism and I am told the basics of what a VPN is and does.

This is a bit eugh and just gtfo, except it's got my back up a bit because it's happening for a few days in contrast with conversations with women at the same time, including ones I do not know, where at no point an I presumed to have the networking skills of a twig.

@iconography fix the wifi? Why didn't you just move the woods closer?

@daniel_bohrer should have replaced the router with a mesh one instead, should have connected it via ethernet instead of wifi

@iconography Ugh, yeah, I still find myself guilty of that tendency every now and then. It's not your job to remind me of it, but I am grateful all the same.

@iconography Ah! Here - let me tell you: Our society is heavily influenced by the dominance of an old patriar… HOLD ON … I see what you did there. :troll:

So cringe.

@mray haha someone has started trying to tell me it's not a gendered issue. The irony


Welcome to the internet :P

Has nothing to do with physical attributes. General proof

@ghost_letters there's a specific need for men to correct women on things with a presumption of incompetence.
I had the most basic steps explained to me about something they knew nothing of and I'd mapped out a solution to already. It happens a lot. Much, much less to men, and I've never seen a woman do it.


I need a source beyond personal experience for

- there is a specific need
- presumption of incompetence
-> huge difference on it, that is mostly based on m vs f

Of course some people love to lecture others - some like to help but are rather bad at it, so it is also perceived badly.

I could writw books about the stories friends told me when asking in diy boards. They take no prisoners there 😂

When I notice it, it's mostly men doing the lecturing, and there's more women on the receiving end.

that said: I get lectured a lot too, and I'm male. One time, I received the same trivial advice, in short order, from a friend, some acquaintances, and three 14-year-old girls I'd never seen before or after... (I was 19)

I think it's some cultural reflex triggered by unconscious signifiers of confidence, which women don't show as often. What exactly? *shrug*...


@iconography @ghost_letters
==> I think the mechanism is probably not really gender-specific, but given the social and cultural associations most people carry around with themselves, it definitely does happen to women more often.

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