Oh my god look at all the goldilocks! `
I only usually get two at once. Very rarely four.

There were also 2 jays that stopped by in the tree. I've never seen them so close

@iconography the feeder looks great! I'll try to get one of it and put it in my garden... thanks for sharing!

@sozaboy thanks! Attaching a pot tray to the bottom with drainage holes has made a huge difference to mess and the amount of seed eaten vs wasted fwiw, definitely worth considering

@iconography thanks for the smart advice...I was wandering if it was improved or "ready made"

@sozaboy I don't think I've ever seen one that comes with a large enough tray to prevent spillage unfortunately. It seems like a big design flaw across the board.
Lots more birds can use it now too, including ground feeders! Hope you find something that's right for you 😊

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