I've forever got everyone beat on terrifyingly monstrous pumpkin carvings sorry

There's tiny birds everywhere today. I saw the siskins this morning too so maybe they're back for the season! `

What's going on in the UK w the drivers and fuel thing 

This isn't just for fuel, though that's the one that's been turned into a crisis by bellends like this.

It's also food, clothes, toys, you name it. We're seeing shops with empty shelves more and more, people unable to get deliveries.

And not just because of HGVs. Treatment of smaller vehicle delivery drivers like 3.5 and 7.5t, low pay and absurd pressure means there's big struggles retaining those too.

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Tories once again using the press to announce to the UK, and wider world, that no one will shag them because they're terrible human beings.

Someone had a bath and there's some strong feelings occurring about it `

The words "it's ok, I fixed it" pretty much always come with a catch `

My garden is so geared towards encouraging bugs that they seem to love it `

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And something I've not done in a long time now, but has always been a bit of an obsession... Particle trails!
Normally I do these with a blue background but had requests for green and grey

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