There's a place in Turkey called the Burj Al Babas and it looks like someone went hog wild with copy and paste on a small castle `

This is like watching Rome burn, but as a slapstick comedy with nazis.

@wxcafe me too. I was very fond of her already but I completely adore her now

She just pushed her way into my arms 😭

She keeps lying over one arm and I put my other over her for a cuddle. I was not doing this, she was not on an arm at all, it was unacceptable.
I keep feeling like no one will believe me given her history but I also don't want her to move just to try and get a photo.

I'm going to be so heartbroken if my suspicions are right and she's sick. If it's tomorrow or in 5 years I will be. Never imagined that with her.

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@GwenfarsGarden especially if the normal feeder it empty, it seems.
The siskins immediately found another one too. I'm leaving the usual big one empty to try and encourage them to find the others, let them spread out instead of fight so much. More places to watch them then too

Felt a bit rubbish so altered a dress I kept meaning to so I could feel fancy and pretty (selfie)

Looks like I know what I'm doing next time I ever save some money. My other fucking orthodontic wire has fucked up now and I can't get it fixed.

@iconography Look, police can't just shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at these people. It's friendly fire, Greg is off today, he's in that crowd somewhere!

So I'm assuming all these who breached the Capitol are going to be getting the same 10 years under the Statues and Monuments Act that anarchists and other protestors in Portland were threatened with recently? Or conspiracy relating to the woman who was shot?

Foot fetishism 

@webweaver yep, same.
I mostly just video myself massaging my own feet, they seem to really enjoy those and I do it twice or three times a day anyway, so if they want to pay that's easy money.
The only way I get to have any spare income is from that so I also really appreciate them for their fetish

Foot fetishism 

I'm not into feet myself or necessarily get off on someone finding mine attractive, but I do like being worshiped 😁 a lot of people I seem to have met who are into them seem pretty subby

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